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Establish a professional society and promote the training, research and quality practice of broiler farming for our members.

Objectives of TABROFA

In order to achieve the above goal, TABROFA will:

  • be one community dealing together in broiler farming.
  • enable its members to conform to the country laws and rules governing the agricultural sector connected to the poultry industry.
  • encourage the exchange of information and ideas amongst its members with the view of enabling them to have new information and techniques of developing the poultry industry.
  • be the official representative of its members in terms of furthering them to using good quality feeds, drugs and essential inputs.
  • organise research information to its members through education, holding exhibitions, meetings, seminars, lectures or classes to further the objectives of the association and the poultry industry countrywide.
  • be the association exclusively for fostering, including but not limited to, relationships amongst members of the society and their families through assistance of vaious kind, support, interactions and any other issue that will nourish the well-being of the foundation.
  • give assistance amongst members during problems such as death, illness, and or any conditions for which the foundation may approve to support.
  • give assistance to members and close family members in time of death or illness of a close family member.
  • give support to members at the time of a member’s family marriage and birth of children.
  • meet when and if necessary as a general meeting to determine the progress, hurdles and problems amongst members.
  • establish links and network with other societies with similar aims and objectives to TABROFA’s.
  • mobilise finances, loans, grants, fund raising, guarantees and open bank account.
  • take out insurance.
  • acquire and manage buildings.